Saturday, July 12, 2014

Review - Vampire Academy Series

Vampire Academy
Richelle Mead
5/5 Stars

Instead of reviewing each book on it's own, I'm reviewing Vampire Academy as a series.

I'm going to be entirely honest with you - I binge read these like nobodies business. They were unputdownable. I started with the first book and by the end of the series, I had found my new favourite author. While not my favourite series by Richelle Mead (I've since read others), it comes in as a close second.

The writing...the characters....the story....just everything! I love this woman, I do. Going into the series – I had never heard of it before. I knew it had vampires (obviously) and had bought them in a bundle of used books from a classifieds website. Best accidental discovery ever.

I haven't seen the movie – and am a little iffy on whether or not I should. Movies always ruin things for me. Especially for books I loved as much as this. Time will tell, though. I do keep saying that I'm a glutton for punishment...we shall see how much.

Richelle Mead delivers crack with her books, I swear. I have yet to read her Bloodlines series, and won't until it's finished (because I have to binge read them...I just have to).

I tend to like books that are not entirely focused on the romance between two characters (hence, not a fan of Twilight) – a book that has something else going on, and Vampire Academy delivered. The mythos created within the world of the Academy is just amazing. At first, you're skimming just the edges of this world filled with two different types of mythical vampire creatures, and then you become more entranced in their world. Each character has so much to offer the series. I did find, however – that I didn't like Lissa as much as a lot of people seemed to. Not to say that she wasn't a well written character – but I can't like everything, can I?

One of the aspects I love about this series is that it's not sedimentary. It doesn't stay in one place. We find ourselves not only at this Academy, but also in Russia and other areas, showing the reader how vast of a world Mead has created.

If you're a fan of vampires in YA fiction – read this series. It's got action, romance, drama – everything I wanted in a vampire series.

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