This is the asteroid. Flying through space and time, drifting through this universe and the next one over. For some reason (still unbeknownst to me), I rule it. Welcome to "How to Rule an Asteroid". I'm Jess, and I suppose, if you're nice, I'll show you around.

If you haven't guessed already - I'm an odd duck. I don't play by the same rules as the rest of the world. My world is filled with dystopian futures, zombies and perhaps a little craziness.

I live in a small town in the tip of Southern Ontario with the love of my life and our two cats. We also have a little goblin on the way, due December 14th, 2014.

(That's me!)

Before I moved to a small town and when I was much younger, I lived in Toronto. I had pink hair  and was oh so completely goth. I spent a lot of time meandering about, just walking the streets of the city. One day, I was on Queen St. with my newly dyed hair and a (possibly insane?) homeless man shouted across the street at me:

"If I had hair like that, I would rule a small asteroid!"

And so here we are. 

I blog about books, crafts and the randomness of life. I provide honest reviews for Young Adult Paranormal Fiction (fantasy and dystopian included). I never sugar oat things - if it's awesome, I'll let you know - if it's bad, I'll tell you why.



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