Thursday, July 10, 2014

Review: Prophecy of the Sisters

Prophecy of the Sisters
Michelle Zink

Two sisters caught up in an ancient prophecy that pits good against evil and family member against family member.

Despite no markings on the book telling the reader such, this is book one of a trilogy. I didn't realize the book wasn't a standalone until I was nearing the end and the story was nowhere near finished.

This was my introduction to historical paranormal fiction. I've never read a book written in modern times trying to write in the style of the late 1800's before – it took some getting used to. At first the writing felt awkward and contrived, but I did fall into and and felt myself getting used to the style of writing.

The story keeps you guessing from beginning to end, though not enough to keep me enraptured in its reading. The characters were fairly improbable, but I could chalk this up to the historic writing style. The characters seemed to jump from one part to the next, often leaving me guessing at what happened in between. I didn't particularly care for Lia, the main character of the book. There was nothing that endeared me towards her – only that I didn't much like her sister.

Although I didn't particularly love the book, there were parts near the end where I did, in fact cry. It could be because I'm pregnant, or it could be because the writing WAS good enough to actually instill strong emotions in me.

I've worked out from the reading of the book that I'm not a fan of historical paranormal fiction. My modern heart yearns for modern things. If you are, however, already a fan of the genre – you might like this book a lot more than I did.

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