Monday, October 27, 2014

Torn - Trylle Trilogy #2 - Amanda Hocking

Trylle Trilogy #2
Amanda Hocking
3/5 Stars

Torn is the second book of the Trylle trilogy by Amanda Hocking. After reading Switched, I immediately delved into Torn, only to be left feeling like it just didn't hold up against its predecessor. Comparatively, the “guys” of Torn really bothered me. We've got Finn – who, after more consideration – has very little personality, although when his personality does show through, it's varigated. He's smoldering, he's ignoring, he's here, he's there. As a reader, I'm not very interested in him, though I suppose our protagonist Wendy, a 17 year old girl, may think differently. Our second “guy” is Loki – who we get next to no introduction to and the whole triangle that seems to be forming seems very forced and contrived. Things may prove different as I read the next book, though this is the feeling I'm left with after Torn.
Aside from the “guys” issue, I did still enjoy the book. We're opening up into more of the Trylle world, along with their enemies, the Vittra and we're slowly being revealed more information about what's “really” going on. Things begin to make more and more sense with this addition to the trilogy.
We're also given a very small introduction to the Vittra kingdom – it felt too quick for me, but perhaps Hocking was just trying to keep pace with the rest of the book. It felt a lot like Wendy (the protagonist) is dropped for a split second into their world and then immediately leaves it, simply to introduce us to a couple of new characters.
I'm still excited to read the conclusion and find out what choices Wendy will make in regards to the kingdoms and to the boys in her life. It's not as good as book one, but certainly keeps the reader interested to keep reading.

Switched - Trylle Trilogy # 1 - Amanda Hocking

Trylle Trylogy #1
Amanda Hocking
4/5 Stars

I'm a big fan of Amanda Hocking – not because of her self-made status, but because of her writing style and how she steps out of the paranormal genre to include more than just vampires and fairies. This series in particular focuses on anthropomorphic trolls who still practice placing a changeling troll with human parents.
While some reviewers may think that our protagonist, Wendy, is just a spoiled teenager, I feel that Hocking is actually trying to show us how Trylle (or trolls) are different from their human counterparts, right down to their general demeanor. They like going barefoot, are picky eaters, and are generally pretty grumpy. They're trolls, right?
I found this first addition to the trilogy to be fairly well laid out – very much following Joseph Campbells Heroes Journey – however, it didn't feel as fleshed out as it could have. Some aspects definitely feel a bit too quick, not leaving enough room to fully develop the story. Despite this, I still quite enjoyed the book.
We are taken into a world of the supernatural – a completely fascinating one. Hocking will hint at little things, but doesn't reveal anything too soon – the mystery drives the story forwards.
Altogether, this book left me wanting more – lucky for me, I've got the next two books on the shelf ready to go.

If you're looking for something supernatural that's got a bit more imagination – check out Hockings Switched. There's no glittery fairy's here.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Do You Ever...?

Do you ever start reading a book that is *so* bad that you avoid reading it at all costs, despite wanting to finish (for the sake of finishing) it? Well, that's what happened with me. I may write a review on said book eventually, but for now, I'm moving on! I read a palette cleanser:

(Orange is the New Black)

Which was AMAZING - but doesn't fit the genre I review for, so for now - just know that you should read it! Especially if you enjoy the show - it's nice to know the roots!

I've also been poking through some books by Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins - but again, wrong genre of book to review on here.

I've started a new series by Amanda Hocking (one of my top authors) because... we ended up being able to go up to the Northlands for Thanksgiving and got to hit our very favourite used bookstore (Bearly Used Books) and brought back a whole wack-o-books! So there will be more reviews forthcoming.

Also, James bought me an e-reader for my birthday so I can review e-books now (though I still prefer physical books ANY day!)