Friday, August 22, 2014

Review - Wake

Amanda Hocking
4/5 Stars

This is the first of Hocking's work I've read and I have to say, I'm quite impressed. Her writing style is fresh and contemporary. Whether it's referencing things like e-readers and modern bands or writing about the modern geek – she definitely tries to connect with her readers.

Wake is written from two main points of view – Harper, the older, more mature and “mom-like” sister and Gemma, the younger, swimming obsessed, “pretty one”. I found myself wanting to get to the parts from the point of view of Gemma to read about the more supernatural aspects and hurrying through the Harper parts.

When I read a YA paranormal book – I read it for the paranormal aspect. The paranormal part of this book didn't start until about halfway in, but I quickly forgave that based on just how many books there are in the series. It definitely felt like I was reading a TV show, which I enjoyed – but I can see some readers not associating as well with that.

I enjoyed Hocking's take on the Greek myth of sirens – she didn't jump on the fairy tale mermaid boat and made her creatures much more interesting. The way she wound the story, I was left wanting to find out more and more about this secret underbelly of what promises to be a myth-infused world.

I will definitely be looking out for the other books in this series, as well as Hocking's other works. I would certainly recommend this book to any other fans of the urban fantasy or paranormal young adult genre. I will warn you that it is more of a “girly” book – and guys may not find it as enticing as we do.  

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