Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Winter, The Unending Battle

(Windsor, ON)

It seems no matter what happens this winter, there's always more snow on the horizon. It can be fairly balmy one day - and then the very next day we'll get another snow storm, with several more inches.

When we bought the house here in Chatham, our realtor told us not to worry about the winters here, because they didn't get much snow. I'm now told by our friends who have lived here their whole lives that this is highly unusual for the area. Still - we have nothing to complain about compared to James' family up North of Sudbury, who don't even have room to push the snow anywhere right now.

We don't actually own a snow shovel. We moved here from a tiny apartment in Oshawa where we didn't have to worry about shoveling snow. Then when we got here, boy were we surprised to learn it was of the utmost necessity. We have an amazing friend who's come by on more than one occasion to shovel our walk. We don't leave the house much, due to James' sleep apnea and having his license suspended because of it. So the icicles and snow just keep building up and building up. 

I would very much like for winter to be done, now (please!) and to move on to the amazingness of Spring (my second favourite season). Of course, the next time all this snow melts, means we'll have more flooding all over the city (just like last time). Our sump pump worked overtime on that one. Hopefully it will pull through when these mounds melt away. No more snow storms, please! Come on Spring! It's March - you'll be here soon, right?

*fingers crossed*

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