Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Welcome to the Asteroid

Before I moved to a small town and when I was much younger, I lived in Toronto. I had pink hair (Okay, I have pink hair right now, but that's not the point) and was oh so completely goth. I spent a lot of time meandering about, just walking the streets of the city. One day, I was on Queen St. with my newly dyed hair and a (possibly insane?) homeless man shouted across the street at me:

"If I had hair like that, I would rule a small asteroid!"

It stuck with me through the years and thus, my blog name. I tried to think of something neat and magical to name my blog, but this is what stuck in my mind. Asteroids, pink hair and the randomness of strangers.

This is me - Jess (ruler of the asteroid)

I'm an odd duck. I like zombies and goblins and playing board games. When I read a book, I become entranced and a tad obsessed with it. I think the whole world can be made a little better with a cup of tea. 

I live with my boyfriend, James - our two cats Jack (short for Wabbajack) and Merlin. 

Welcome to the randomness of life, asteroids, crafts and being thrifty - welcome to the Asteroid.

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